Makeup Lessons

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Private Makeup Lessons $80/hour

Learn how to apply your own makeup and about the best products to use, this class will help you achieve your perfect day to night makeup look! Customized to fit your lifestyle and you will receive a face chart with all colors and products used! Also includes a Makeup Bag Clean out, bring your makeup bag to find out what works and what doesn't work! Beauty By Bennett makeup will be available for purchase. Available for private and group lessons!

Makeup Lessons 1

For 4 or more the rate is $50 per person and will be for a 2 hour class.

Pick Your Topic- 2 Hour Class $150

Pick your topics, choose from 2 topics that you would like to learn about!

Feel free to bring a model to get the most out of this class.

  • Smokey Eyes
  • Flawless Foundation Application
  • Highlighting and Contouring
  • Applying False Lashes
  • Create Beautiful Brows
  • When contacting us, please specify if you want a private makeup lesson or if you want to learn how to be a makeup artist.
Makeup Lessons 2

We have a class for everyone at every level!

  • Private Makeup Lessons- to learn how to do makeup on yourself
  • Makeup Artistry 101- to learn the skills to become a makeup artist
  • Pick Your Topic- 2 hour class to brush up on your makeup skills
  • If you are interested in becoming a makeup artist but have no prior makeup skills, we suggest you take a Private Makeup Lesson to first learn how to apply makeup on yourself, and then move to the Makeup Artistry 101 Class. Furthermore, if you are familiar with the basics of makeup artistry but would like to brush up on your skills, the 2 Hour Pick Your Topic class will work best for you!
  • All makeup classes are payable by credit/debit card with 50% deposit due at the time of booking.
  • All lessons must be paid prior to the appointment to secure the date.

Makeup Lessons 3