One of the things I’ve discovered when it comes to bridal makeup is that many of today’s brides-to-be have heard of airbrush makeup, but aren’t exactly sure what it is or if it would be right for them. And of all days, your wedding day is not one for taking chances. Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with red lipstick or smoky eyes for the first time. When coming in for your bridal trial we recommend to wear a shirt closest to your dress color ( whether it be white or ivory ) and to bring along makeup ideas that you feel comfortable with. Always have pictures to show your artist on the makeup you like. Build a Pinterest page on different makeup you like. Pictures are key. Tell your artist about your normal makeup regimen. Do you usually wear makeup? For people that never wear makeup, anything can be a lot. Do you have oily to dry skin? What are your concerns? What is it that you absolutely don’t like, and what do you love? Communication is key, in order to create the exact look you are looking for!

I always tell my brides that my goal is for them to look like themselves, just defined and finished. I would hate for a bride to look at her pictures five years from now and not recognize the girl in them.